About Us

Short Bio:

We make music as a band group.

Longer Bio:

In 2011, Adu and Mags met in Berkeley, CA, under the pretense of the latter teaching jazz piano to the former. The Bay Area, being the Utopia it is for adolescence-fueled idealism-goggles, surely played a part in them almost immediately abandoning any instructive pursuits, and instead bonding over a mutual love for the colossus of (Fender) Rhodes Herbie Hancock, vintage keyboards, esoteric beat music, and birds of prey. This became the impetus for forming a group, and although nebulous and irregular in its membership, they consistently wrote new music together and played as often as possible when minding your decibels in an apartment complex.

In an effort to perform with a spontaneity not provided by scheduled venue shows, they began to busk on the streets of the Bay Area, and by creating friendships with local small business, would run extension cords for fully amplified instrumentation. This “spontaneity” (or rather, “amplification”) was, of course, not appreciated by members of local law enforcement, so performances required stealth, speed, and possible citation (hence; Guerrilla). The best insulation against punitive action was an engaged and protective crowd (hence; Joy), and there is only one way, in essence, to guarantee this – keep your s**t tight and funky.

After living and recording in multiple major US cities, traveling around playing the diviest of dives, and bringing the love for playing to as many sidewalks as parking for the solar-powered Funk Bus(k) will allow, Joy Guerrilla continues to push towards answering the most profound of musical inquiries: how you guys doing?